Air freshener masks smell at Spalding sewage plant

Anglian Water sewage works in West Marsh Road.
Anglian Water sewage works in West Marsh Road.
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AN INDUSTRIAL-sized air freshener has been installed at Spalding’s sewage works after complaints about the smell.

Anglian Water says it has fitted the new equipment which produces a scent to mask the odours produced at the site in West Marsh Road.

It comes after complaints about worse than usual smells emanating from the sewage works at the end of August.

Pinchbeck Parish Council was contacted by a number of residents who said their enjoyment of the nice weather was being affected by the unpleasant pong.

The council wrote to Anglian Water, who replied with an explanation and apology.

The letter, signed by customer liaison manager Penny McNichol, said: “I do appreciate that the odour emanating from the sewage treatment works has been stronger than normal recently.

“Due to “cake” storage at the site, as it was being removed this was agitated and therefore the smell was greater.

“As of August 23, there has been an odour control unit in place which will assist in diluting and masking the smell.”

Anglian Water spokesman John Clare explained that “cake” is a solid by-product of the treatment process which, once fully treated, is used as an agricultural fertiliser.

The cake has been stored at Spalding temporarily while work is carried out at other sites where it is usually processed.

He said: “We apologise to customers living near the works who may have noticed an increase in odours in recent weeks.

“The cake stored at Spalding is only partially treated and so does give off an odour when disturbed.

“Since the odour control equipment has been in operation the smells have dramatically reduced and we would like to assure people that its storage at Spalding is only temporary.”