AEROPLANES: No, it’s not boys and their toys

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I am writing regarding an article in the Free Press on July 8: “Is this boys and their toys?”

In 1961 I moved to Gedney Hill and during those years it was very noisy, due to the fact that there were more aeroplanes flying then than now.

Gedney Hill certainly was not a quiet village then – we had aircraft flying over our house regularly, and very low, and they quite often caused a sonic boom, so much that they broke a window in our house, but we never complained.

Do people not realise pilots need to train, to make sure they are able to perform when needed?

Let’s put up with a bit of noise to make sure our pilots are up to the job they are here to do and keep us safe.

And no, it’s not boys and their toys, they are real men and real flying machines.

Margaret Baxter

Gedney Hill