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Fireworks and our animals

It’s that time of the year when bonfires and fireworks are with us. That’s great for humans, those who enjoy them, but what about our furry friends? It’s now that we should think about what is best for us to do to make it easy for our animals to survive with the least amount of stress.

In my day fireworks and Bonfire Night used to be just on one night, but now it seems to go on from now until Christmas and the New Year. Not all dogs are stressed, my chocolate Labrador goes out and watches them, whilst some dogs find this very stressful.

I have some handy hints for your animals that do not like the fireworks and the noise that accompany them:

Some animals are terrified of fireworks.
Some animals are terrified of fireworks.
  • Walk your dogs in the daylight hours as there is less chance of fireworks;
  • Make the house as comfortable as possible, close the curtains, put the fire on, have the television or radio on, keep things as normal as possible;
  • Keep you animals inside; bring your cat in, even if it is normally outside;
  • Stay in with your pets, if at all possible;
  • Check all your fencing so there are no holes where they could escape from in case they do get outside are frightened by the fireworks;
  • You could put on a calming diffuser or put on an Adaptil collar - you would need to put one of these on a couple of weeks prior to get the full benefit of this;
  • You could consider investing in a thunder jacket for your dog, which may provide comfort;
  • If your dog does not want to be with you, put him in his crate/cage or build them a safe den where they can be away from the noises with their favourite toys and blanket;
  • Give your dog a nice tasty treat such as a kong with frozen yoghurt in to distract him from his concerns;
  • Next day, check your garden for the residue of any fireworks which, if ingested, could make your dog very ill, if not prove to be fatal.

Keep safe and think dog.

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