ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: Spring your home into the brighter season

Couple choosing paperwall colour for their new home ANL-140319-115841001
Couple choosing paperwall colour for their new home ANL-140319-115841001
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Enjoy a breath of fresh air in your home as well as outside this Spring.

As the days get lighter and warmer now is the perfect time to open your doors and let the new season in.

It is easier than ever to match your favourite rooms with the cheerful colours the summer will bring thanks to Hawkins Home Hardware in Holbeach.

Whether you’re into minimalist white, funky bold accent colours, or safe and conservative neutral tones, the right tools for the job, make decorating a chore of the past.

The first step is to make sure your walls and woodwork are rid of the any tired dents, cracks and dirt using quick drying fillers and lightly rubbing down with fine grade sandpaper.

Treat yourself to a new paintbrush and roller to celebrate the spring lease of life you are giving back to your home. Good quality brushes are a wise investment as cheaper brushes can shed ruining your finish.

Here is one cheeky tip when wanting to leave them overnight without the bother of washing them: just wrap the brush or roller securely in cling film and it will be ready to use the next day.

Hawkins Home Hardware have more great tips to help you choose the right items and care for them, just get a spring in your step and pop in store.