Adult winner Ros almost didn’t turn up

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A girl of 16 who had no ambition for business found herself hired in Spalding’s answer to The Young Apprentice.

Spalding Army Cadet Eleanor Smith was one of four candidates bidding for honours in The Big Cheese as part of the first South Holland Enterprise Day organised by Foundations Vocational Training.

Eleanor and candidates Paige McGough, from Long Sutton Army Cadets, Lizzie Taylor, representing Spalding youth theatre group Act II, and Laura Bedford, from Spalding High School, were given tasks for the day – one to come up with a novel idea to raise cash for Springfields Horticultural Society and the second to turn a profit from £20.

Eleanor, who won an iPad Mini, hadn’t thought of business as a career before entering the competition at Springfields.

She said: “I am currently in my first year of sixth form and having won the competition and been the one to be hired, my horizons have developed and I would now consider a career in business.”

Fellow candidates received £25 vouchers and the group winner trophy went to Sgt Frances Keane, detachment commander of Spalding Army Cadets.

The day also featured a Dragons’ Den style competition, won by Sutterton businesswoman, Ros Reynolds, who will get advice from two dragons as she aims to add an indoor arena to her business, Kirton Canine Academy.

Fellow contender Jacki Cairns, from Ailsworth, won an iPad Mini for her business idea of making children’s art work into collages.