Adrenaline seekers in freerunning bid

Callum Brazzo (above), is keen to get a group started for freerunners in Spalding.
Callum Brazzo (above), is keen to get a group started for freerunners in Spalding.
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A sport that sees people leaping, bounding, spinning and flipping in the great outdoors could be coming to Spalding if keen fan Callum Brazzo gets enough support.

The 25-year-old is looking for people to join him in forming a group for freerunners and would also like to find somewhere to practice the sport in safety.

Freerunning or ‘parkour’ was founded in France in the 1980s by a group of nine young men, and sees people leaping over obstacles using acrobatic movements and techniques.

It was made famous in a Channel 4 documentary called Jump London in 2003, where experienced ‘runners’ were filmed bounding at heights and racing across buildings. It was officially recognised as a sport in the UK in 2016, with Parkour UK being appointed the National Governing Body.

Callum, who has done some Freerunning training in Kings Lynn, said: “I know on a general level it can be classed as vandalism, although it’s not.

“It is about free movement. We wanted to push forward that message. It is about using your environment and the natural skills you develop in childhood like tumbling etc. “I thought maybe we could do it somewhere like the Castle Sports Complex or a gymnastics academy.

“You have to be safe but you cannot be too safe so that it is not enjoyable.

“There are techniques you can learn to do freerunning more efficiently, and safely, like when landing from something high.”

Callum says he has been looking at parks and other outdoor areas as further possible venues for the sport.

Parkour UK says it “advocates and protects the rights and freedoms of Traceurs/Freerunners (practitioners) to practice our sport/discipline in the outdoors environment, providing this is done so in a safe, responsible and respectful manner.”

○ If you would like to get involved or have somewhere the freerunners can practice, contact Callum on 07528 810172.


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