Acting dreams are coming true in LA for Spalding High School old girl Domenique

Domenique Fragale
Domenique Fragale
  • She plays villian in new sci-fi series and has part in new Kevin Bacon EE advert
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She only moved to LA last year, but Spalding-born 
actress Domenique Fragale has barely had time to look back since landing a series of high profile TV and film roles.

The former Spalding High School student is currently busy promoting Universe of the Gods, a pilot and trailer for a sci-fi / dystopian series in which she plays villain Purnima.

The programme is based on the best-selling German novel Kernstaub by Marie Graßhoff, who has been commissioned to write a further four books in the series.

“The story is based around an average girl in the 21st century, who discovers she can time travel through time with a special ability. In order for other ethereal beings to survive however, she must die,” says Domenique, who graduated from The Arts Educational School’s London drama school in 2015.

“We filmed the trailer and the pilot back in October, in Spain, just outside Malaga, and it was absolutely beautiful.

“We’re currently looking to pitch the series to Nextflix and Amazon Stars among others; the book has already got a big German following and it’s in the process of being translated into English. Once that happens there will be a lot more buzz around it.

“I was approached about the part after the casting team discovered me online while I was in Los Angeles working on another shoot.

“I’m very often seen for Nickelodeon/Disney-type work or the bitchy party girls, so being able to play a villain in Universe Of Gods is a lot of fun for me. I’m far from that type! So I’m enjoying the challenge.”

As well as reprising her role once a series is commissioned, Domenique is also about to start filming an indie festival feature film – My Best Friend’s Famous – in Hollywood, which will be entered into a series of American film festivals.

She’s also been confirmed for a part in an EE commercial opposite Kevin Bacon and is in talks with another movie later this year, potentially playing a serial killer.

Domenique Fragale

Domenique Fragale

Domenique, who splits her time between London and the US, also writes about her experiences in LA and interviews actors and casting directors for industry magazine Spotlight, and models too.

She is also an ambassador for the Princess Diana Award Against Bullying Trust, of which she is an award-holder after being recognised for her work on short internationally shown film Wednesday’s Child.

“It took me about three months to settle in LA. I love the culture and always being able to discover something new in the city.

“It’s very different to London though – I still pride myself on being a British girl. I miss my family and friends when I’m out there,” says 
Domenique, whose parents Eric and Joell still live in Spalding. “But I’m a very driven individual so for now work comes first.

I’m very often seen for Nickelodeon/Disney-type work or the bitchy party girls, so being able to play a villain is a lot of fun. I’m far from that type

“I actually started off wanting to be a lawyer, 
although as a child I loved 
being in front of the camera and putting on little shows, forcing my brother to be a part of them.

“I loved reading and then I realised there would be nothing else in the world I would be happy to get up for at 2am, or stay out for until 2am in the rain and cold; nothing else I’d rather see myself doing. I absolutely love it.”

Domenique Fragale at the launch of Universe of Gods

Domenique Fragale at the launch of Universe of Gods