Acquittal not the result they wanted!

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The High Life by Spalding High School students

On Saturday, March 22 more than 250 people waited anxiously for the verdict to be announced.

Emotions were definitely running high in Cardiff Crown Court that day and as silence fell the tension in the room mounted.

Hours of preparation, cross-examination and deliberation had all led to this moment.

“You are free to go,” said the judge.

In any other trial, this verdict would have made the defendant and the defence barristers smile at least, even if they otherwise hid their elation, yet, for us, it meant the end of the road and we walked out of the courtroom for the last time with sadness in our hearts.

We were finished. After becoming regional champions and competing to the best of our ability in the national final the Spalding High School Bar Mock Trial team were taking off their wigs and gowns and heading home.

As we piled into the minibus it seemed that the only appropriate thing to do was reminisce.

We began as a group of students who didn’t know each other and whose knowledge of the justice system merely consisted of what some of us had previously learned in the Magistrates’ Mock Trial competition.

However, somewhere along the line, during the hard work, the stress and the learning of legal terminology, we became a team and shortly after that we became friends.

Throughout our journey we shared many jokes and looking back, it seems as though we spent most of our time laughing.

We learnt an extraordinary amount, spent a lot of time with some amazing people and reached the national final in our first year of competition. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for all involved.

So, until next year: “Case closed!”

Rocket workshop

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week the Year 8s had a rocket day at school run by Starchaser the only UK company making rockets.

The day was split into four sections: introducing rockets (which included videos); rocket building (not an actual one, don’t worry); a science show based on rocket fuels and the ‘rocket launch’.

The day was designed to encourage teamwork, get the children interested in rockets and help them understand the necessity of following instructions.

A competitive edge was added with school competitions for the best designed rocket and rocket that stayed in the air for the longest time. The day was enjoyed by all.