‘Accident waiting to happen’

A cyclist on the path in Park Road, Spalding.
A cyclist on the path in Park Road, Spalding.
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No-one was more gutted to be caught out by an early morning police sting on cyclists than a Spalding woman who landed a £30 fine.

But according to her husband, it wasn’t the fine that upset her but because she normally knows better.

Neil Bingham said every day the couple despair watching cyclists on pavements near their home in Park Road “waiting for an accident to happen”.

Mr Bingham invited us to his home on Friday afternoon to witness some of what he sees on a regular basis.

He said: “Here’s one – let’s see what she does. She has a young child with her and they are riding on the path... there she goes, straight out into the road without looking and with the child following.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. I dread to think that it’s going to be a small child.”

Mr Bingham said motorists had a tendency to drive fast down the road, but as traffic was light he could not understand why people persistently cycled on the pavements, especially when there were breaks in the path which forced riders off it.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of near misses coming out of my drive – it’s difficult to spot them.”

Roger Smith, of PEDALS, said he welcomed the police operation in Pinchbeck Road. He said: “Many cyclists obey the rules but some choose to ignore them, often for safety reasons. There does need to be more joined up cycle routes.”