A16 reopens after pumpkins spill

Traffic queues behind the overturned trailer. Photo by reader Paul Sanders.
Traffic queues behind the overturned trailer. Photo by reader Paul Sanders.
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WEDNESDAY, 5.45pm: The 12-tonne load of pumpkins which was shed on to the A16 this morning belonged to Fulney firm David Bowman Pumpkins Ltd.

The road was reduced to a single lane between Cowbit and Weston Hills roundabouts from just before 11am to around 12.30pm after a trailer overturned.

David Bowman, boss of the company – one of Europe’s biggest producers of the fruit, said police pointed out a defect in the road that may have caused the trailer to tip.

Mr Bowman said the coupling with the tractor snapped as the trailer tipped.

He added: “Otherwise we would have been looking at something more serious.

“It is not going to happen again.”

A gang of 24 men had harvested the pumpkins earlier in the morning and they were later sent to the A16 to pick them off the road.

Mr Bowman said he will suffer “some loss” but he doesn’t have a figure yet.

WEDNESDAY, 2.45pm: THE A16 on the outskirts of Spalding was open as normal at 12.30pm today after 12 tonnes of pumpkins were cleared from the road.

An early police report said a lorry had shed its load, but the spill actually came when a trailer overturned.

The trailer was being towed by a tractor. The tractor remained upright in the accident and its driver was unhurt.

WEDNESDAY, 11.45am: THE A16 on the outskirts of Spalding is currently operating as a single lane after a lorry shed its load of pumpkins.The stretch affected is between Cowbit roundabout and Weston Hills roundabout.

Police say the accident happened just before 11am. The road will remain as single lane working until the Volvo articulated lorry is recovered and the highway is cleaned.

No one was hurt in the accident.