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Holbeach and Long Sutton solicitors say making a will can be of vital importance

A recent study found that 54 per cent of UK adults don’t have a will. It is a common misconception that a will is only useful for those with substantial savings and property which needs carefully distributing. This is not true. In fact, making a will can be of vital importance even if you have no financial assets at all to leave behind.

Here are three non-monetary reasons to make a Will:-

1. Appointing guardians for children

Mossop and Bowser is giving advice on wills. (23513780)
Mossop and Bowser is giving advice on wills. (23513780)

If you are the parent or carer of children under 18, you may want to consider what will happen to them if you die. If no provision is made for them in a will, and their other parent is deceased, out of the area or cannot be located, Social Services may become involved and the family courts may have to decide who should parent the children until they reach the age of 18. By naming guardians in the event of your death you can ensure that your children are cared for by someone you chose.

2. Making funeral decisions

It is often difficult to have conversations with loved ones about end of life decisions. However, if such conversations never happen it can often be difficult for those you leave behind to make decisions for you, especially if family members don’t agree about what to do. By leaving some direction in your will, such as whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated, you can ease a heavy burden for your loved ones.

3. Saving your loved ones additional stress

Your loved ones may have to complete extra paperwork or get legal advice if you haven’t made a will. For example, without the clarity of a will it may be difficult to work out who is responsible for dealing with your affairs and distributing your assets. Having everything clearly written down in a valid legal document can save your loved ones time and stress, at an already emotional time.

To find out more about making a will, please contact our experienced wills team at Mossop & Bowser solicitors, telephone 01406 422651 or email info@mossops.co.uk

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