A special poignancy for this year’s Remembrance

Remembrance Sunday will take place all over the country
Remembrance Sunday will take place all over the country
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Anthony C Walker, Minister of Spalding Baptist Church

Remembrance Sunday will take on a special poignancy with this being the centenary year of the First World War.

The terrible loss of life has been brought before us over recent months – just one statistic: July 1, 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme, was one of the worst in modern military history with over 19,000 fatalities and 57,000 casualties.

There were moving moments too such as the singing of the carol ‘Silent night’ by both British and German troops on Christmas Eve 1914. And our world is still at war, our prayers being for those who, behind the scenes, are working for reconciliation.

How do wars begin? In Spalding market-place there is a blue plaque put there by the Spalding and District Civic Society: ‘The White Hart Inn site since 14th century. The French philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau stayed here during May 1767.’

Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote: ‘Mankind is naturally good’. The Bible would disagree, viewing mankind as biased towards the wrong!

As such conflict begins in the human heart, Jesus declaring ‘from within come evil thoughts, murder, greed, and folly’. But He can change our hearts – for the better!

Through Christ peace can become a reality rather than simply a dream.