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Family of hedgehogs have moved into Moulton home

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A home has become a little more crowded ever since a family of hedgehogs decided to move in.

Liz Laud (55), who lives on Church Lane in Moulton with her son Jack, was surprised when three of the spiny mammals took up residence in their house.

She says there are three that visit her, and that they started doing so a couple of months ago.

One of the hedgehogs taking up resident in Liz Laud's home. (50642707)
One of the hedgehogs taking up resident in Liz Laud's home. (50642707)

“Two are juveniles, and one we’ve called a rugby ball because it’s huge,” she said.

“I have the back door open when it’s warm, and they’ll come in and help themselves to the cat food and the biscuits. I usually leave some out for them.

“They drink from the cat’s bowl of water too.

“This little one used to come in, find a corner in the kitchen and fall asleep.

“So I’d put my gloves on, because they’re quite prickly, and pop it near the back door and lock up for the night. But I don’t think it liked that!”

Not content with the kitchen, one of the hedgehogs decided to have a peak through the rest of the house.

Mrs Laud said: “We were sitting one night, and it trotted through to the living room, climbed under our recliner sofa and fell asleep!

“Sometimes it has a wander around the room, goes for some food and comes back for another sleep.

“On one particular night, before me and my son went to bed we’d checked under the sofas, all around the room and there was no sign of it.

“The following evening, I was sat on one of the sofas and it came trotting out from under the sofa! That’s obviously how we found out, and he’s quite liking it.”

Mrs Laud says that the hedgehogs get into her house when she opens the back door in the evening to let some air into the house.

She has taken to spending some nights on the sofa herself in case they end up wanting to leave again.

“One night we sat up to see what time it left,” she said.

“When the sunrise started to come up, it went back outside and found somewhere else to sleep.

“It’s a cheeky little monkey!”

Mrs Laud is now working out a way to continue hosting the hedgehogs, which are classed as a vulnerable species in the UK.

“My friend’s husband is going to make me a hedgehog house with a feeding station in it,” she said.

“It’s nearly ready now, so hopefully it’ll be up and running soon.

“We’re going to try and make it slug-proof too.

“Of course, if they do come into the house, there’s not much we can do about it. If they come in, they come in.

“I don’t mind it coming in, having a bite to eat and trotting back out again.

“I like hedgehogs, and obviously they’re endangered so I like to feed them and try to keep the population up.

“I’ll always leave some food and a bowl of water out for them”

However, with the little rascals’ tenency meaning she is missing out on some valuable sleep, she hopes she and the hedgehogs can come to some sort of compromise.

“I do like my bed!” she assures.

“I like to be comfy and I like my sleep.”

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