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South Holland readers say that district should not be placed in Tier 3

Readers say that South Holland should not have been placed in Tier 3.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced earlier today that Lincolnshire will be placed within the highest level of coronavirus restrictions, which prevents households mixing along with forcing pubs and restaurants to remain closed.

Political leaders have expressed their disappointment as South Holland has lowest rates of infection in the county and is also lower than Liverpool which has been placed in Tier 2.

Tier 3 High Restructions. (43302735)
Tier 3 High Restructions. (43302735)

We asked our readers earlier for their thoughts on the South Holland being placed in Tier 3.

Here are the views posted on our Facebook page:

Tony Butcher posted: "Another 3/4 weeks of seeing the same bloody 4 walls - that’s all I've seen since February other than hospital/doctors appointments."


Nigel Campbell said: "A totally pointless sick joke, especially as people will be moving from tier to tier for work."

Janine Twelftree said: "If Tier 3 is 'to protect the NHS', 'to get the NHS to a functioning state', because 'our hospitals have lack of beds and/or could soon reach capacity', and Lincolnshire as a whole county has been placed in Tier 3 despite several individual areas having low COVID case figures and falling, then I pose a question: How does the adequacy of Lincolnshire NHS compare with NHS capacity of those areas being placed into lower tiers today? Is South Holland etc being shafted due to Lincolnshire NHS capacity being inadequate for our population profile?"

Sharon Hall said: "I’m thrilled!!! Can’t wait to spend another month at home following the guidelines! We’ve been rewarded so well for doing g what was asked of us!"

Liam Foreman posted: "Shouldn't have been put in Tier 3 still should be in Tier 1."

While Kirsty Donna said: "So wrong. Should be done by each council region. Especially being on the border of both Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which are a level 2. Lots of people travel to those areas for shopping because of lack of shops in the South Holland area."

Mandy Spriggs said: "Just seems ridiculous, that we have been clumped together. Our district, figures were down, not up. What hope are we being given. I feel none."

Gillian McDowell said: "I’m pleased we are in the high tier perhaps this is what we need to get us out and into Tier 1."

Nick Fletcher posted on our website: "What a farce! To treat Lincolnshire as a single area is lazy, thoughtless and does not recognise what a huge county we are. Does the Government seriously think that South Holland can be compared to Skegness in terms of infection rates? This latest ruling is likely to cause mass unemployment, poverty and, ultimately, civil unrest unless, of course, this useless bunch of clowns performs yet another U-turn."

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