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A penny for my thoughts

In his latest Autistic Lincs column, autistic author Callum Brazzo writes in verse.

I stare at the page. Unaware of what to say and how to say it.

The point of this column remains evasive.

Autistic author and poet Callum Brazzo
Autistic author and poet Callum Brazzo

Therefore this poetical form is created.

Life is makeshift so how do you leave a legacy?

Whether it’s through
energy, the memories or the topics you touch on.

Break it down for one generation so the next foundations can be built up strong.

My mind will never be idle

I consider listening and acting on the community’s needs vital

Even if the barriers we face seem like they’re on a ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ cycle

Sometimes it feels like it’s just me but I can’t find all

The answers by myself, I require help from the minds of others

But it’s a journey to
empower everyone to fly the tribal colours

Of the marginalised, starting your lives oppressed from day one

Places to fulfil our potential? We have to make some

Give the tools to as many as possible

Rather than preaching to a choir

But that kind of public
energy does expire

So it’s about finding the best kind of position for individuals

But changing core ‘norms’ of a system is pivotal

Communication’s a spectrum and we should respect that

When we become distressed at the sounds of a scene

Or the quick change of a situation, that doesn’t mean

We enjoy how we feel, causing you an ordeal

It’s not a conscious choice

All we want’s a voice!

Alongside practical support schemes to last lifetimes

Not paper promises or inconsistent procedures and provisions in the pipeline

With societal blockages refusing to let true identities flow

The purpose, not mere profit, of our existence may never be known

Confined by a culture that favours cost over contribution

Many of us will sit on the fence and watch the movements

Of the blind, the ignorant among us that won’t change

Some perceptions will never be swayed, that’s okay

Because we can alter how we feel about our own brains

I hope this poem is one that exposed pain and invoked change.

At the very least, stokes flames for the camp fire we have yet to set alight to

A compassionate, creative, connected community and a world of acceptance with actions to match?

I’d like to find you.

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