A look behind the covers at Spalding’s water tower

Under wraps: painters working hard behind the covers at the water tower. Photo courtesy of Anglian Water.
Under wraps: painters working hard behind the covers at the water tower. Photo courtesy of Anglian Water.
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Plastic covers are due to come off Spalding’s iconic Chatterton Water Tower in the coming weeks but today we’re giving you a sneak-preview of painting going on behind the scenes.

Teams of workmen have steam-cleaned a massive 4,000 sq metres of the tower’s surfaces before getting out rollers and paintbrushes to return the building to its gleaming best.

Some 400 25-litre cans of paint will be used, equal to 10,000 litres.

Painting is expected to be completed by the middle of this month and, following that, workmen will start to remove the 3,500 sq metres of plastic sheeting and as well as take down scaffolding poles.

An Anglian Water spokesman said: “The teams have finished the preparation work and are now painting the tower.

“It is expected that painting is due to finish by mid-August.

“After the painting is finished work will begin to remove the scaffolding.

“It is expected that the newly painted tower will be back to normal with all the scaffolding removed by the end of September.”

It took six weeks to put up the 180 tonnes of scaffolding poles and the 70 tonnes of board to create the walkways – and it’s expected to take the same length of time to take it all down.

Chatterton Water Tower has served the Spalding area for the last 62 years but residents and councillors alike have expressed concern over the last few years about its dirty state, creating an eyesore in the heart of town.

Anglian Water announced the cleaning and painting programme at the beginning of the year.

Speaking in March, just before work started, the company’s South Lincolnshire supply manager, Mark Cox, said: “We’re really excited to be getting started on the facelift. We know this project is important to the local community, and we’re pleased to be able to restore the iconic water tower’s paintwork to its 1997 condition. The facelift was promised three years ago during conversations with the council. We listened to what customers had to say then, and it’s now going ahead.”

The tower is being painted in colours described as by the water company as a terracotta and white tulip colour scheme, as it was painted in 1997.

Before that, the 30 metre high building was a utilitarian, concrete building without paint.

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