A great donkey escape in Surfleet for mini troublemakers

The donkeys back at Spalding Farm Shop with owner Jamie Smith.
The donkeys back at Spalding Farm Shop with owner Jamie Smith.
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Two miniature donkeys who went missing from a Surfleet farm shop on a foggy morning last week are safely back home.

Owner of Spalding Farm Shop in Surfleet, Jamie Smith, realised at around 7.30am last Tuesday that the gate to the field was open and the donkeys were missing.

He said: “When I first saw they were gone, all the worst thoughts ran through my head.

“I know a lady who recently had her horse stolen and unfortunately it was discovered drowned. We’re just so pleased to have them back.”

Jamie notified the public on Facebook, as well as BBC Lincolnshire, about the missing donkeys and within a few hours it had over 1,000 shares and 54,000 views.

The two year old Mediterranean miniature donkeys, named Cassie and Casper, were found by local lady Sue Gray just after midday.

They were in a dyke about 800 yards away from the farm, but heading towards the busy and dangerous A16 road.

It could have ended in tragedy, but luckily Jamie and his friends got there in time to get the donkeys back home safe and sound.

Jamie said: “I didn’t expect that sort of response at all – it made me so happy that people cared enough to help us find the donkeys.

“They are very tame and friendly donkeys so it wasn’t hard to catch them. It was just hard to get them out of the dyke since it was quite large with steep banks.”

He suspects the cheeky pair might have rather enjoyed their little adventure since there was plenty of things to nibble on – eating is their favourite pastime.

The donkeys are a popular attraction at the farm shop, and many visitors love to meet them and feed them carrots.

The farm also has pygmy goats, micro pigs, turkeys, ducks and peacocks.