A case of live and let laugh with Bond parody

Bond: an unauthorised parody ANL-140703-150958001
Bond: an unauthorised parody ANL-140703-150958001
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Latest news from Spalding’s South Holland Centre

Gavin Robertson has performed his latest comic caper ‘Bond: An Unauthorised Parody’ all over the world and he’s bringing it to the South Holland Centre at the end of the month – we caught up with him ahead of his Spalding visit.

Six-sided Man ANL-140703-151008001

Six-sided Man ANL-140703-151008001

Q: Some of us remember you from Spittoon, Fantastical Voyage and The Six Sided Man, which you performed at the centre in the early 2000s. What have you been up to since then?

A: I was at a festival in Adelaide, Australia – and was surrounded by artists performing one-man shows. I was struck by that and decided to see if I could flex the same creative muscles, so I made a solo show called ‘Crusoe’ (which obviously lent itself to being about ‘one’ person) and then made ‘Bond’ as a more comic follow-up.

I’ve also directed a new show in India with five local actors, two productions in the UK, and toured to USA, Russia and Europe.

Q: So what inspired you to take Bond as your subject?

A: ‘Crusoe’ was a semi-autobiographical show and I put a lot of myself into it. I love performing it but I wanted a more comic ‘light’ follow-up. I couldn’t believe no-one had tackled James Bond as a pastiche or a solo show, so I decided to take it on. I think I won!

Q: Who is your favourite Bond actor?

A: I actually think Daniel Craig is brilliant. Other than that it would have to be Sean Connery (who makes a brief cameo in my version!). I’d still like to see Liam Neeson as a Bond villain.

Q: What can people expect from the show?

A: I try to deliver as many clichés as possible! So they’ll see me playing many different parts – it’s like a cartoon: Scooby Doo meets Austin Powers maybe?

Q: Do we get to see a fluffy cat or exploding pen?

A: An exploding cat or fluffy pen might be funnier? And yes... but they’re invisible. That will make sense if you see the show!

Q: How do you actually use the stage?

A: I use only three metal frames and some very pretty lighting! There’s a certain elegance in being inventive with a minimum amount of props or stage set. I really try to tap into the audiences’ imagination so that my secret weapon is our shared vocabulary from all those movies. The net effect is a great atmosphere of silliness, complicity and imagination!

* Gavin Robertson performs ‘Bond: An Unauthorised Parody’ on Friday, March 28.