A careful paint job is all it takes

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IT’S the end of the summer – such as it was – and time to turn over a new leaf in the house before those autumn leaves start to fall.

No better way than to get out the paint rollers and brushes and transform one room or more, or get really radical and paint the entrance hall and stairway in a totally new colour.

Whether you favour positive colour statements or prefer a neutral palette or opt for a mix of the wide range of whites now available, it’s important to take your time over choosing the exact shade that’s right for you.

Don’t stint on buying test pots of emulsion for your wall colour in particular.

It’s extraordinary how different the same colour looks when you dab it on different walls in the same room.

Try it next to the gloss or vinyl silk you’re thinking of for the woodwork too.

Think small while experimenting so you don’t end up with expensive mistakes writ large.

At the same time do be prepared to pay a little more for good quality paint as you’ll find the range of shades to be so much more subtle.

Generally lighter all-one-colour paint schemes make rooms look larger but strong contrasts add drama. Enjoy!