80 packs of crisps please

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian, spaldingtoday.co.uk, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian, spaldingtoday.co.uk, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest news from our girl about town

Angel was held up in a queue at the Spar shop in Long Sutton for quite some time last Wednesday evening while staff sought out EIGHTY packets of Space Invader crisps for a heavily pregnant woman who was craving them!

* Four days later the queue was even longer, but this time it was full of people with booze, burgers and baps as they made the most of the fantastic, sunny weekend.

* Angel also made the most of the weekend and, on the way back from visiting a friend in Dawsmere, received a lovely surprise.

A very friendly chap was giving away large bags of red onions on the roadside and refusing any financial renumeration. Now that’s Angel’s type of man!

* The editor of this esteemed publication has recently become the proud owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy... and on Friday evening he realised how much joy these little fellows can bring.

While waiting outside a supermarket for Mrs Editor for half an hour, he lost count of the amount of people who smiled at his little dog or came over and gave him a fuss.

* Angel had cause to visit Spalding Grammar School on Friday afternoon, walking there in the blazing sunshine.

As she walked into the school entrance she was just behind a very attractive young mum, who was wearing denim shorts and T-shirt. The looks on some of those teenage boys’ faces were priceless!

* Every now and then Angel finds her chariot is just too dirty for a conventional clean and that it needs the professional touch.

On such occasions she takes it to the hand car wash in Long Sutton – and a more cheerful and hard-working bunch she has never met.

* The good weather encouraged lots of people to get out and about last weekend and Angel was no exception. Taking a riverside walk 
in Spalding she noticed lots of bread had been thrown on to the riverbank near the twin bridges for the ducks... but that a very brazen rat 
was making the most of the feast.

* On a happier note, Angel also spotted that the water irises are coming into flower along the river and no doubt will make for a fabulous display this very weekend.

* During the Swinging at the Cotton Club show on Friday, Angel spotted a major wardrobe malfunction when members of dance group The Jiving Lindy Hoppers brought members of the audience onto the stage.

A member of the audience had a t-shirt on with the word “eejit” emblazoned across their chest which left Angel in two minds whether to feel more sorry for the amateur dancer or the Jiving Lindy Hopper who was with them.