6p every week to maintain current policing levels

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Residents could be asked to pay an extra 6p a week on their council tax bills to help maintain county policing levels.

Lincolnshire’s new police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick yesterday announced his plans to increase the police precept by two per cent.

The proposal will now go before the county’s police and crime panel for approval.

Mr Hardwick said: “My proposal ensures I am able to deliver all of the commitments I have made in my police and crime plan and most importantly means we can maintain 1,100 police officers in Lincolnshire.”

The police and crime panel meets next Thursday, when it will consider Mr Hardwick’s polcie and crime plan and the precept proposal.

Mr Hardwick will then be required to set his final precept by the end of February and issue the final police and crime plan by the end of March.

At the launch of the plan earlier this month, at which he outlined his plans for the county’s force, Mr Hardwick said: “Savings have been identified that I am confident will enable the entirety of my plan to be implemented effectively and also mean that can set a budget and precept within Government parameters.”

Alan Hardwick’s priorities, as outlined in his police and crime plan, include:

* Police officer numbers maintained at 1,100 with no further reductions.
* The introduction of Volunteer Police Community Support Officers along with an expansion of the county’s Special Constabulary and other volunteering opportunities.
* In future, unless there are operational reasons not to, all police officers will wear their uniform when on duty and all police vehicles involved in front line policing will be clearly marked.