£5million to help kill the stench at Spalding sewage works

Massive investment is planned at Spalding's sewage works. SG119TW
Massive investment is planned at Spalding's sewage works. SG119TW
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Anglian Water will spend £5million on new plant to help kill the stink from its Spalding sewage works.

The cash will be used to replace the sludge processing plant with a centrifuge system, which the company says will lead to “better containment and faster sludge processing” and “reduced odours”.

News of the investment is in a report to the county council environmental scrutiny committee, which meets on Friday.

The company has also invested £90,000 in a new iron dosing system that’s meant to reduce odours from the works, and that was due to be commissioned by the end of May. There are also steps to reduce the smells around Springfields.

The report says: “It has been identified that two factories effluents near Springfields Retail Park are combining to rapidly produce septic conditions in the downstream sewers and ultimately at Spalding Water Recycling Centre (the sewage works).

“We hope to address this by installing an additional nitrate dosing system at our Springfields pumping station. The work to purchase the land to site the chemical storage tank is ongoing.”

A company spokesman said: “We understand that bad smells from our sites are an emotive issue and we will continue to do everything we can to keep odours to a minimum. The odour control units will remain permanently on, as they are now, and we will continue to closely monitor the site to prevent peaks in bad smells wherever possible.

“We also intend to carry on working alongside our specialist, independent odour consultants to monitor smells from the site and find the best ways of tackling them. It is inevitable there will be some odours from a site like Spalding from time to time, but we are working hard to make things as good as they can be for the local community, and we are looking forward to completing the projects as soon as possible.”

The report to the council committee lists public complaints about the stench with the 15 recorded last year the highest number.

But Coun George Aley, chairman of Spalding Town Forum, says the public complain to councillors – instead of the company – otherwise there would be far more recorded.

On Friday Coun Aley said: “We have been talking about it for years and years. It’s a most unpleasant smell and I came across it last week when I was by the river.”

Last year, Spalding company Greencell warned the stench from the works could harm the town’s reputation as a tourist attraction – and South Holland District Council was asked to complain to Anglian Water on behalf of Spalding Town Forum and the chamber of commerce.

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