£4.3m spent on council house stock

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THE BODY co-ordinating voluntary services in south Lincolnshire will be moving its Spalding base into the South Hollland District Council offices.

The council has agreed to lease out a room at its Priory Road headquarters to the South Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, who will move from behind the JobCentre in Westlode Street.

This will be the second room leased out by the council in a bid to make money from the space freed up by a management merger with Breckland District Council, following from a deal with the tax office.

Council deputy leader Paul Przyszlak said: “They were looking for a new home and we have freed up a bit of space so we are quite happy to find people to pay rent for it. We are very keen to work closely with the voluntary sector and this will help that.

“It doesn’t raise a fortune but every pound counts and it is better to be making money than sitting empty.”

The council estimates that the deal will make £7,955 a year for the authority’s general fund.