3D boosts ticket sales

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SALES of cinema tickets are soaring at Spalding’s South Holland Centre after its twin switch-over to digital and 3D.

The cinema sold more than 800 2D and 3D tickets for the first week of the school holidays – up by a massive 30 per cent on the same week last year.

Buoyant sales are expected to continue with the arrival of the latest Harry Potter blockbuster, which will show in 2D and 3D from this Friday through to Saturday, August 13.

South Holland Centre general manager Sally Harrison said: “The feedback from audiences has been very good. I am very pleased.

“The actual quality of the picture is very good.

“We have gone from 35mm to digital and the colours and the light in the pictures are amazing.”

The digital switch-over means the centre receives computer hard drives – rather than reels of film where image quality suffers wear and tear.

Mrs Harrison said the switch to digital had to be made because some films were no longer available in the 35mm format.

She said: “The switch has been happening over the last few years but all of a sudden a cusp has been reached.”

The first film to hit the screen in the digital 3D format was TT 3D, which showed the thrills and spills of the Isle of Man TT Races and pulled in a capacity audience of bikers.

Next up was Avatar, a two-year-old film but one made to explore the full capabilities of 3D, followed by the latest Johnny Depp outing in The Pirates of The Caribbean series.

Mrs Harrison said not everyone is a 3D fan so the centre will continue to show 2D pictures.

Evening adult tickets for 2D cost £5.75 while evening adult tickets for 3D cost £7.50 including the cost of 3D glasses hire.

The extra cash helps pay for the upkeep of the glasses, which are specially encrypted to the centre’s screen and cannot be used elsewhere.

l The switch to digital means the centre can now show National Theatre screenings of live productions – either as they happen or within seven days – and the first will be James Corden’s One Man, Two Guvnors on September 21.