£302k Moulton Park deal is money well spent

Sir Halley Stewart Field gates
Sir Halley Stewart Field gates
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CABINET CALL: By Coun Anthony Casson

You may have seen last week that we announced the purchase of Moulton Park for £302,000.

Some people have questioned why we’ve spent such a large sum of money on a park at a time when councils across the country are making cuts.

Well, we’ve been actively seeking opportunities to acquire green open space and as a proactive local authority we felt this was too good a chance to turn down.

The completion of this deal is especially pleasing as it confirms our commitment to promoting wider access to open space across the district and developing stronger and healthier communities which residents can take pride in.

We can now look forward to developing a strategy for Moulton Park to provide a first-class recreational facility that people across the district can enjoy.

In the shorter term, we will be looking at installing a play area and other equipment there to meet with more local needs.

On a separate note, I’m also pleased to report that the gates at the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Fields in Spalding have been refurbished to further enhance the site and we’ve already had positive feedback from members of the public.

Meanwhile, Councillors Andrew Woolf, Rodney Grocock and I have helped towards funding defibrillators, speed indicators and more from our ward budgets.

Importantly, a defibrillator is a first aid device that can be used by members of the public to treat people who’ve suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

These machines work by emitting a high energy electric shock which restores the heart’s natural rhythm.

This is part of our drive to develop safer communities and these life-saving machines will certainly provide peace of mind, although I hope they are rarely needed.