£27,000 earmarked for Spalding bandstand, signs and mosiac siting

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Spalding councillors are getting ready to splash the cash because they fear they might lose £27,000 that’s burning a hole in their pocket.

The money is an underspend in the town forum’s special expenses fund and various projects have been highlighted to benefit from the cash.

Among them are a bandstand for Ayscoughfee Gardens, new ‘Welcome to Spalding’ signs and the positioning of the Torch Relay mosaic.

Members heard the bandstand was one of the options in a plan to regenerate an area of the gardens. Coun Howard Johnson said £15,000 had been estimated for a new bandstand.

Last month, South Holland District Council also approved using £1,300 from the special expenses to pay for decorative boulders along Double Street river bank.

Coun George Aley said: “My concern is if we don’t spend the money soon, we’ll lose it to another council department. I suggest we put these ideas out to members for their input.”

Coun Christine Lawton agreed, saying: “Good quality signs would send the right message out to people coming to Spalding.”

The preferred location of the mosaic was also discussed at the town forum meeting.

A previous suggestion that it should be put on the wall of Superdrug is now thought to be unsafe.

Coun Aley said: “The thing is very heavy. It’s 6ft off the ground – it’s got to be free-standing.”

In front of the South Holland Centre was the location that received most support.

Kevin Taylor, pastor of South Holland Community Church, said something will need to be found for the other side, while Coun Aley suggested using it to put up pictures of people dropping litter.