1890 – made at Ayscoughfee......2011 – £5 bedspread returns

Found: Museum officer Julia Knight with the 1890 bedspread.
Found: Museum officer Julia Knight with the 1890 bedspread.
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A Victorian bedspread hand-sewn at Ayscoughfee Hall has returned to its Spalding home, more than a century after it was made there.

The double bed cover, which dates back to 1890, was picked up for £5 at a church bazaar in West London by bedspread maker Alice Nissen who traced it back to south Lincolnshire through census records.

The signature of Ada F Bonner, daughter of the last tenant at Ayscoughfee Hall, was stitched into the corner.

Alice, who has donated it to the hall, said: “When I came across this bedspread on the bric-a-brac stall at my local church I couldn’t bear the thought that this magnificent piece of work should be thrown out. Most unsold stuff gets skipped.

“I am pleased that I came across the connection and more importantly, that Ada named and dated her glorious bedspread. Even the ‘F’ was important!”

Museum officer Julia Knight said: “To us this is priceless because we have so little, if anything, from a family that have lived at the hall. It’s one thing that we can be sure was made in one of the rooms here before 1898 when the hall was bought by the people of Spalding.”

The bedspread will be on show in a display case on the ground floor of the building.