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Quadring Parish Council calling for action to stop 130 vehicles speeding through the village

Councillors are calling for action to be taken to stop the 130 vehicles which speed through their village daily.

Quadring Parish Council says it is going to continue to push for action to stop cars and lorries thundering through the village centre.

Calls have also been made to reduce the 40mph speed limit which runs between Gosberton and Quadring.

Quadring and Gosberton have been hit by a series of power cuts. (3130318)
Quadring and Gosberton have been hit by a series of power cuts. (3130318)

A recent road survey found that the average speed through the village was 30.9mph.

Chairman Henry Bingham told Monday’s meeting that the average daily flow of vehicles travelling through Quadring to Donington was 2,114 cars and around 4,000 travelling from the Donington direction.

The virtual meeting was also told that 105 cars travelling towards Spalding were travelling over 40mph, with 10 travelling higher than 50mph.

He said: “We have 140 cars on average speeding through on a daily basis which is not really good enough. I class that as a problem.

“I am in discussions with Jane King and Rodney Grocock (South Holland District Councillors) about requesting a road traffic order to have the speed limit dropped between the two villages.

“People speed out of Gosberton and continue into Quadring.

“If we can reduce the need of cars speeding on the edge of the village it’s only going to be a positive thing.”

Fellow district councillor Simon Walsh shared how he had been travelling at the speed limit and overtaken.

Coun Michael Clifft said: “I think the only way we are going to reduce the speeding through the village is a pelican crossing outside the Post Office.”

l Members also shared frustrations on the impact of four-way traffic signals in the village centre which were not working properly.

Councillors were also concerned about the number of times services had dug up the road.

l The council is also looking into repairing the village sign, which is reported to have peeling paint.

While Coun Andrew Jackson is going to attempt to repair one of the village’s dog bins.

l The next meeting is Monday, June 7, which may be held in the village hall.

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