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Pinchbeck's Pavanotti will be performing 100 songs for Captain Tom challenge

A local entertainer will be singing in seven different languages in a musical challenge at the weekend.

Jeff Woods (67), known by his stage name PavaNotti, will be singing 100 songs in one day to raise money for charity.

The gig is part of a campaign set up by Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family, who have challenged people to do one thing 100 times to raise funds for a charity of their own choice.

Jeff Woods will be taking on the Capt Tom Moore challenge
Jeff Woods will be taking on the Capt Tom Moore challenge

Jeff said: “I saw that and I rather foolheartedly thought I could do 100 songs.

“Running 100 yards nowadays is probably a problem. A friend of mine says they’re going to try and eat 100 Jaffa Cakes, but that’s not really my thing! I can sing, so I will do that.”

The event, which takes place at 11.30am on Sunday May 30, will be held at Mountbatten Avenue in Pinchbeck.

Jeff, who has checked the Guinness Book of World Records for any similar attempts, says he is looking forward to the challenge.

“I don’t even know if it’s physically and humanly possible but I’ll have a crack!

“I’m hoping I get through it, I’ll do my best. We’ll have some fun.”

He will be performing a wide range of songs, and will even take his fans’ wishes into account.

“I’ll be singing everything, you can imagine the variety in 100 songs,” he said.

“If I get requests I’ll be happy to do them, and I’ve had a few already.

“It’s going to be a mixture; opera, country and Western, a bit of jazz, stuff from abroad, there’s a Hungarian folk song. A bit of Dean Martin, a bit of Robbie Williams.

“There will be seven languages - Hungarian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Welsh and English.”

With proceeds from the event going towards both Dementia UK and the Pinchbeck Village Park Fund, Jeff says it is important to appreciate the smaller things in life.

“I think before lockdown, sitting outside my own home and singing to the public wouldn’t have been something I’d do.

“During lockdown we realised what the important things in life are, and being a little bit self conscious isn’t what we should be worrying about now.

“We’re lucky to still be here, able to do something and make life a bit better, so that’s why I thought it was a good idea.

“It’ll raise a couple of quid and we can have a bit of fun in the community.”

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