WORD ON THE GROUND: Cropping plan now modified

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Having almost finished the cereal harvest, plans for next year’s cropping have now been slightly modified.

Given no two years are the same, you can never rely completely on the previous year’s results as an indicator to the next.

Wheat varieties now change ever quicker, as many start out with excellent disease resistance but soon become vulnerable to the likes of yellow rust and septoria tritici.

The variety Lili I reported in my last article was to be axed, partly based on last year’s poor bushel weight and this year’s severe yellow rust infection. But it has performed well this harvest so will still be planted again this autumn.

I am about to start planting oilseed rape. Last year’s crop did not establish well, so planting techniques will be changed this year, hopefully producing an improvement.

I have been contributing to newspaper articles for nearly 20 years and I think it is about time to bow out, that is before the heading gets changed to “Grumpy Old Man”.

I have enjoyed passing comment on rural issues and crop production, but fear I may start repeating myself.

So, thank you to all who have taken their time to read my comments.