Welcome to the funny world of Stephen K Amos

Stephen K Amos on stage ANL-151202-171650001
Stephen K Amos on stage ANL-151202-171650001
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All the latest from the South Holland Centre, Spalding

Stephen K Amos doesn’t strike you as one of life’s awkward customers.

But that’s exactly what he is aiming to be in his new touring show ‘Welcome To My World’ which he brings to the South Holland Centre next week.

Having been heckled with the same questions time and time again – such as ‘what does the K stand for?’ – Amos is looking to get some new, big questions on the table.

“Even in this day and age, we still don’t like to talk about things like how much money you earn, race, sex or those other awkward dinner party conversation fillers.

“There’s a certain weirdness that can spark up in those kind of areas and that gives me a springboard for the show – I like to riff off the audience and maybe ask them an awkward question or two.”

Since he arrived on the comedy scene back in 2001, Amos has had no problem with facilitating the sound of laughter in every room he’s appeared in.

He’s had a string of acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe stand-up shows such as All Of Me and Find The Funny, acted on the West End alongside Christian 
Slater and Frances Barber in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, had his own entertainment shows on TV and radio, presented Batty Man, a BAFTA-nominated documentary for Channel 4 and even appeared as a doctor in two episodes of EastEnders.

So, given that he’s tried his hand successfully at stand-up, acting and presenting, is there anything left for him to try?

How about fronting his own TV chat show? It’s not such a crazy idea given that he’s had a talk show at the Edinburgh Fringe. “I think we are due a black talk show host.

“We had such fun doing it in Edinburgh and I think I’m good with people, a very good listener and I can run with stuff that happens in the moment. And I’m not one of those cruel comics.”

No, just a seemingly effortless, naturally funny one.

Catch Stephen’s new show ‘Welcome to My World’ at the South Holland Centre on Thursday, February 26 at 8pm. Tickets are £17 from the box office on 01775 764777 or www.southhollandcentre.co.uk