Victorian characters from Holbeach area

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Among the Amusing Elloe Stories is one about the Moulton man who claimed to have invented the garment known as ‘knickerbockers’.

He claimed that, travelling to school in London, he wore clothes that fitted him; returning by coach at the end of the year the bottom of his trousers were nearer his knees than his ankles – the first knickerbockers.

There are lots of references to well-known characters such as Dr Elsdale, the Moulton surgeon, and ‘Old Clay’ master of Moulton’s Lower Grammar School, “one of the old school” who was hated for his belief in teaching boys “through their skin”.

There is a story about the Elloe Division before ‘the Bobbies’ when the old parish constables represented the law: Spalding’s wore a tail coat with brass buttons.