Tiles for sale in Long Sutton shop

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Evie Topgood likes to work clay by hand, producing tiles – and sometimes sculptures – that she either paints or decorates with slip trail, a technique similar to icing a cake.

She pounds the clay to get the air out before pressing it into moulds that are left to dry naturally for 24 hours. They are then painted with under-glaze and go into the kiln for the first firing.

The firing (at about 1,060oF) transforms the greenware into bisque, which then gets a clear glaze before going back for a second firing.

She has endless choice in tile design, but Evie, inspired by a trip to Glasgow and seeing the Charles Rennie Mackintosh work, is now producing slip-trail designs suggested by the Scottish architect’s lovely flowing lines and shapes. All the tiles she makes are for sale in the shop.