Spalding worker in London Marathon

Mick Limming with Cheryl Ingleby.
Mick Limming with Cheryl Ingleby.
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Anyone who struggles with their weight will sympathise with Mick Limming.

The 52-year-old’s weight spiralled out of control in his 40s to the point where he weighed in at 32 stones aged 49.

Mick, the health and safety officer and operational planner for events organised by Spalding’s Live Promotions, has lost weight since, and put some of it on again. That’s something he describes as “demoralising”.

However, this year he has embarked on a training regimen that will certainly lose weight but will also help Mick achieve a much bigger goal: to run the London Marathon.

Mick was 28 stone when he agreed to take on the challenge to raise funds for Children with Cancer.

He had previously managed to get his weight down to 17 stone, but a back injury led to a period of inactivity similar to the one that caused his weight to balloon in the first place, and he put on weight.

Mick says: “My objective is to raise money and get round but the more I go on now, the more motivated I am to run as much of it as I can.”

Mick’s six-day a week routine involves an early morning commute from his home in Lincoln – he grew up in Spalding and attended the Gleed Boys’ School, but after a 20-year Naval career he settled close to where his parents had moved.

He trains at the Castle Sports Complex gym for an hour before setting off for work at Live Promotions, where his brother Robert is one of the directors. Mick’s session will include a four or five-mile run on the treadmill and “quite a bit” of cycling. He takes a power walk around Spalding at lunch time and in the evening he’ll either swim or do a spinning class at his Lincoln gym.

Mick says: “I am on a strict diet as well, with an intake of about 1,400 calories a day. My objective is to lose at least another two stone before the marathon.”

In order to minimise the impact on his knees, Mick only plans to start running on the roads when he has lost a little more weight.

He says: “I am confident and feeling absolutely great. After Christmas I realised I needed to ramp up the training and I was a little bit nervous about it all, but I know I can achieve my aim.”