Spalding man raising awareness of IPF

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Ron Flewett carries props to share with people during his talks that raise awareness of IPF and help to speed up its diagnosis.

In Ron’s case it was ten months from the first visit to the doctor to diagnosis, yet over 32,500 are living with the disease – and over 5,300 people die each year of IPF.

Ron rips apart a small piece of Velcro to demonstrate the crackling sound doctors need to be aware of to alert them to the possibility of IPF, as well as ‘clubbing’ of the finger nails. Ron’s early symptoms also included phlegm in the morning and acid reflux.

A soft sponge is squeezed to demonstrate a healthy lung: a solid stone symbolises the state of IPF affected lungs that struggle to transmit oxygen into the blood – and on to other vital organs.

Ron, with the support of Maxine, has taken over the support group, and in the process grown it from around 30 to as many as 80 people who can enjoy fun and laughter as well as exchanging coping tips. He is also trustee of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust, which provides equipment to make life easier for seriously ill patients.

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