Spalding man a face of #HappiestSound campaign

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Spalding supply teacher Jeff Goodley is enjoying the sounds of children’s voices in the classroom once more.

For some time, noise was a problem after the 65-year-old became deaf on one side during an operation to remove a benign brain tumour.

However, almost a year after the operation Jeff was fitted with a bone conduction implant free on the NHS and has not looked back.

In fact, he is one of the faces of the #HappiestSound social media campaign, raising awareness of the importance of good hearing health.

The idea is that people post their happiest sounds on social media and next Thursday, on the eve of World Hearing Day, the #HappiestSound will be announced.

For retired police officer Jeff the choice was a difficult one, but he has chosen music as his #Happiest Sound.

In the year before his bone conduction implant, Jeff says he was “overwhelmed” by how difficult it was to get on with one-sided deafness.

He found meetings and group conversations almost impossible and, having just completed his initial teacher training qualification, found moving into the classroom very difficult because it tends to be a noisy place.

He said: “With single-sided deafness, the sound you hear often overloads your remaining natural hearing. Without the benefit of stereo hearing, sound is impossible to locate, and it often becomes impossible to make sense of what you do hear. Concentration becomes difficult and trying to keep up makes you very tired and often tetchy.”

He says having the Baha implant enables him to do part time supply teaching, and to relax when he’s not at work.

A more recent upgrade to the Baha 5 Power has improved his hearing experience. Jeff says: “I have been able to enjoy music again.”

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