Spalding couple putting junk to good use

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It’s usually their own junk that’s to blame when people joke about not being able to park their car in the garage.

In June Wright’s case, husband Don has good reason to grumble: they have a double garage and it’s full of other people’s junk!

However, all is harmony in the Wrights’ Spalding home because the ‘junk’ is actually raising money for a very good cause.

For the past 20 years, since the death of her first husband David Mason at the age of 55, June (70) has been raising money for the hospice that supported them through their personal crisis – Thorpe Hall, the Sue Ryder hospice in Peterborough.

In fact, June and David started the fundraising together after his cancer diagnosis.

June said: “It was important for us and I’ll go on supporting it. I can’t forget what they did. It was unbelievable at the time because it was a bit of a shock. We thought 55 was young, but I know there are younger people now, but it really came out of the blue.

“If anyone has had dealings with Thorpe Hall they will say the same. It is unbelievable.”

After David’s death June soon had the support of Don, who also assisted her fundraising efforts, and they have been married for the past almost five years.

Fundraising for Thorpe Hall was June’s method of coping in the early days: she raised a massive £5,000 in six months.

The money came from cheese and wine evenings and people donated items for her to sell. At that time she lived in Deeping St James and June opened a shop rent-free for a month to sell donations.

“It definitely helped me get through it,” says June. “Without that I don’t think I would have done.”

Since then June has organised all kinds of events, such as a wedding fair and Halloween children’s day at Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding last year.

Her major fundraiser for the past few years is the race night held at Spalding Golf Club, helped by sponsorship from retired grain trader Don’s contacts and friends.

The wedding fair was not the success June had hoped, and was a lot of hard work, but June has been pleasantly surprised by how well another of her endeavours is going. June and her friends knit chicks that are proving all the rage.