Sharing lesson in perseverance in Spalding

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Re-enactment began for Jim Evans when he was studying marine biology at university.

That was a Viking re-enactment, something he still does, though that has developed into organising entire events or staging battles at several tournaments a year, as well as getting involved in film work and live action for television.

More recently Jim has become involved in live action role play (LARP), which is different to re-enactment in that they don’t have an audience and participants pay to take part.

Jim says the other area where they differ is that they are not necessarily historical, but might be on any topic, such as sci-fi.

Over the years, Jim has learned all kinds of skills in support of his hobby, and while he admits he is “not very good” at making lightweight, Latex covered carbon and foam weapons, he is confident he will learn in time.

He said: “I have discovered in life there is nothing you can’t learn. Everything I have tried to learn I have persevered at. It’s do-able.”

If his School of Sword students can learn that attitude from Jim, they will be well armed for whatever the future brings.