REVIEW: Country rock magic by Daniel Pearson

Daniel Pearson ANL-140608-123730001
Daniel Pearson ANL-140608-123730001
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Daniel Pearson - Satellites
Saint In The City Records

Out now

This debut album by new and exciting singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson is one that really gave the reviewer a surprise.

On hearing the opening few bars of the gorgeous opening track, Masquerade, the album had grabbed my attention and I was hooked.

The acoustic sound is very similar to that of James Blunt or Ed Sheeran, teamed with a simple but soulful voice.

You can clearly hear aspects of Pearson’s musical influences throughout the album, with Wishing Well sounding almost as if U2’s The Edge is playing on guitar.

The sound is a mix of acoustic beauty, indie rock, country and classic rock n’ roll, which all come together to provide the listener with a truly splendid music masterpiece.

The lyrics on the album are often heartbreaking and cutting and, as in 4th July, are disguised underneath wonderful playing and stunning vocals.

The more stripped back tracks on the album are in no way disappointing or underwhelming, in fact they are the exact opposite, as Pearson’s voice shines through, they might be simple but they are also very effective - this man has serious talent!

Definitely an album worth listening to if you are a fan of good, hearty, joyful music.

Kat Wakefield - 9/10