Patch will look much more civilised

Daphne's remaining greenhouse
Daphne's remaining greenhouse
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I know I’ve written before about the joy of having a really good clear-out, but last week I excelled myself.

Hiring a skip, I emptied the whole of the contents of all my dog-eared hanging baskets, plus several broken and rotten pieces of garden furniture, all my old, dirty plant pots which were beginning to break up through the sunlight under the staging where they were stored, plus many other items which will never be used again.

The Patch will soon look much more civilised.

It was amazing how quickly the skip overflowed until it needed brute force to keep everything contained.

It was even more amazing how quickly many items I felt were of no use to me began to disappear.

Well, if they were any use to anyone else, how much better that they enjoy them than they ended up in landfill.

My second major decision is that I don’t need three greenhouses, so biting the bullet, the larger one went onto Freecycle, where it already has a new home; the smaller one, hopefully, will be of some use to my neighbour, along with a cold frame.

I have one excellent greenhouse at home, where it is accessible without getting out the car to fetch produce, and my early New Year Resolution is that my garden will be more of a pleasure, and less of a chore.

I now have a poorly husband, and my duty to him is, at present, more than to my garden.

The raised beds are also on their way to good new homes in local primary schools.

It has taken me a long time to realise that gardening should be a joy, and if that means visiting the local farm shop, then so be it.

I am looking forward immensely to a different approach to gardening; after all, 41 years of Daphne Ledward Landscapes is perhaps enough – I hope so, anyway.