New design team for Moulton Mill

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It’s been business as usual at Moulton Mill since the problem with the fan tail staging was discovered.

Having made the structure safe, the sails may no longer be turning but the mill is still able to grind flour using a set of stones powered by motor.

The Friends of Moulton Mill have put together a new design team, including an architect, millwright and structural engineer, to come up with a better design that will remove some of the opportunities for problems or failures to occur.

They have also been considering various materials rather than green oak, such as Accoya acetylated wood and Douglas fir.

Sadly, there was no way for anyone to realise the original wood that was installed on the fan tail staging was dead wood.

Project manager Janet Prescott said dead wood absorbs water, unlike green oak which produces a natural oil which helps to waterproof structures to a certain extent.

She said: “We have asked if there was anything we could have done to prevent it happening and no, there is nothing we could have done. It’s only possible to detect dead wood once it starts deteriorating.”