Moulton man with sense of adventure

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The exciting moments of war came very close to Alan Gilbert on three occasions.

In almost the same year he was caught up in the German attack at RAF Sutton Bridge, the village of Gedney was bombed in the very early hours of the morning – including his family’s home.

Alan says it was a land mine attached to a parachute and of the three bombs dropped, one shattered all the stained glass in the village church and another shattered every house window.

The following year Alan was doing farm work, leading a Suffolk Punch, when a bomber came across and dropped 11 bombs, one after another, in the field in which he was working.

Alan’s sense of adventure continued into later life when he got the chance to fly, thanks to a friend who was a commercial pilot.

Alan, who was married to the late Irene for 55 years and has five daughters, 11 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, is currently recollecting his adventures, and the various jobs he has done, for the memoir he is writing.

He says: “I have had a fantastic life. A bit colourful, but I won’t go any further.”