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Adopt Pete from Jerry Green Dog Rescue or help the Do It For The Dogs campaign just like Moulton Rainbows

Have you ever seen such a tiny dog?

Meet Pete, he is such a little cutie pie and weighs in at only 3kg! Pete is a super friendly boy who loves getting to have cuddles from everyone. He loves to spend his day playing with lots of toys, squeakies are his favourite!

Pete is looking for an active home that can keep him busy as he has lots of energy to burn off. Pete really loves the company of other dogs and would enjoy living with another dog that could spend time playing with him. He is looking for a home with adults, or could possibly live with teenagers as he would find children a bit overwhelming.

If you would like to come and meet Pete please contact the south Lincs team on: 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Little Pete would love a new home. (4947523)
Little Pete would love a new home. (4947523)

Could you do a sponsored silence? Moulton Rainbows did!

The girls completed an amazing 30-minute sponsored silence to raise money towards our build appeal. They came down to the centre this week to donate their sponsorship money and meet staff dog Millie, which was an amazing total of £171!

The Rainbows enjoyed their trip to Jerry Green. (4947526)
The Rainbows enjoyed their trip to Jerry Green. (4947526)

We are all so impressed with girls for their hard work and support. Earlier this year, they collected lots of tasty treats, toys and bedding for the dogs in our care. Which the hounds made great use of!

Thank you again to Moulton Rainbows for all their hard work.

If you have anyone who would like to get involved with ‘Do It for the Dogs’ and help us raise money for our build appeal, please contact the centre on 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk.


Safe Havens

For the next two weeks, we’ll look at safe havens. This week, we’ll look at what they are; and next week how to introduce your dog to their safe space.

We all benefit from a little quiet time occasionally and dogs are no different. Having a space that is exclusively theirs can help reduce stress, anxiety and frustration-related behaviours, as it gives them the option to remove themselves from situations they wish to be away from.

What is the difference between a safe haven and a bolt hole?

Safe havens should be just that. A safe space for your dog to unwind and spent time in. A bolt hole on the other hand, is a place your dog rushes to when they are overwhelmed and need to hide.

Bolt holes are generally considered to be places where a dog goes when they can’t cope; a typical bolt hole example is a dog who hides under the bed after hearing a loud bang. The emotional state of the dog is very different from a dog who goes to their safe haven when you have visitors; they remove themselves from the situation but with much less urgency or fear and are able to unwind and return when calm again. The dog in the bolt hole probably isn’t coming out for hours and will not be able to unwind in that space.

Who needs a Safe Haven?

Not all dogs will need to use a safe haven, but it is advised that all dogs should have one available for them to use if ever they need to. Simply having the option to remove themselves from a situation can be enough to diffuse tension and prevent dogs’ from becoming overwhelmed.

Next week, we will look at types of safe havens and how to make it a positive place for your dog to be.

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