Make your own snowman with Spalding interiors shop

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Flowers N Things of Spalding gives instructions for creating a snowman from socks.

Yes, the shops are full to bursting with Christmas decorations but how much more satisfying to make them yourself.

Here we have instructions for making a snowman – something older children will enjoy getting involved in.

You will need one white sock and one black or bright coloured sock, a piece of ribbon, felt or fabric scrap for a scarf, buttons or beads to decorate, 500g rice, string to tie and something orange for his nose.

Cut the socks just below the heel. Use the top part of the white sock to form the body of the snowman, tying string around the bottom opening and turning inside out.

Fill with the rice and secure the top. Cinch in two thirds of the way up to form the head. The hat is made from the toe of the black sock – just fold over a couple of times,and you could always add a pompom if you like!

Finish your chilly friend off with buttons,beads and a ribbon scarf as you decide.