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How to make your own pom-poms with Flowers 'n' Things in Spalding

The team at Flowers 'n' Things in Red Lion Street present this month's Make it Yourself:

As September rolls around, many of you will be getting ready to drop your children off for their first year at university.

With excitement, trepidation and nostalgia abound, it’s time to step away from the packing for a moment and make something fun to brighten up their uni bedroom!

You'll need some yarn, scissors and templates
You'll need some yarn, scissors and templates

We think pom-poms are fun and easy to make; what’s more, there’s a huge scope for different colours, sizes, and things to do with them too – so let’s get started!

All you need for this is some yarn, cardboard, scissors, and a couple of different sized circle templates (e.g. a glass and a coin).

First things first, we need to make a cardboard disc. Using your circle templates, cut out two large discs of cardboard and then draw a smaller circle in the centre of both discs.

Begin by wrapping your yarn around the disc
Begin by wrapping your yarn around the disc

Cut a slit from the outside of the discs to the outer edge of the smaller circles, then cut out the smaller circles completely and fold back the edges of the slit to create a ridge.

The size of your cardboard discs, and the distance between the larger and smaller circles, will determine the size of your pom-poms.

Place both discs on top of one another, and start wrapping your yarn around the disc. The more yarn you wrap around the disc, the fluffier your pom-pom will be.

Once you’re happy with how much yarn you’ve used, fold the edges of the slit flat again and start to cut your yarn by pushing your scissors between the two discs. The last step is to fix it all in place using a length of yarn wrapped tightly and tied between the two discs.

Your finished pom-poms
Your finished pom-poms

You can us your pom-poms in so many different ways. Perhaps you’d like to create a garland that photos can be pinned onto, a charm for them to keep their flat-keys on, some cute pom-pom animals they can dot around their room, or you could even go all out and create a pom-pom rug!

Whatever you decide to make, we hope you have a blast doing it – and good luck to everyone heading off to uni this month!

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