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MAKE IT YOURSELF: Looking ahead to spring with Flowers 'n' Things in Spalding

The staff at the shop in Red Lion Street show us how to make a spring planter in this month's column:

We can’t wait for spring to arrive here at Flowers ‘n’ Things, so this month we’re showing you how to make a lovely planter to usher some fresh colour back into the home.

Not only do these planters really help to brighten up your home, they would also make great gifts – and can also be a fun afternoon activity to do with your children, to get them thinking about nature and introduce them to gardening.

All you need to get started is: an old ceramic dish, a handful of gravel and compost, moss, twigs from the garden, a decoration to pin to the twigs, and some small, flowering plants – we’ve used primroses.

You'll need an old ceramic dish, some gravel, compost, moss and twigs to start. (6387068)
You'll need an old ceramic dish, some gravel, compost, moss and twigs to start. (6387068)

Firstly, you need to pop your gravel in the base of the dish. As your dish likely hasn’t got a hole in the base, the gravel will aid drainage. Then gently shake your flowers out of their plastic pots, and carefully loosen the soil around the roots.

Place your flowers in the dish however you like, before adding in more compost around them to give support.

The finished planter. (6387066)
The finished planter. (6387066)

Once you’re happy with the placement of your plants and have them tucked in nicely, tease your moss out and create a layer of it on top of the soil. Next you’ll need to add your twigs in, by gently pushing them through the moss and into the soil –twigs are an easy way to add some texture and height to any floral displays you do.

Finally, pin your decoration to the twigs – we decided to use one of our lovely clip-on birds for an extra spring-like feel!

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