LOOKING BACK: Gamekeeper in trespass battle

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A cross-summons of trespass and common assault was dealt with at Spalding Sessions House.

Edward Watt, of Aslackby. was charged by Robert Wilson with game trespass, but there was a cross-summons of common assault.

Mr H Kelham appeared for Wilson and Mr H Smith for Watt.

The case against Wells was that he was seen by Wilson and another witness, named Plowright, to shoot at a rabbit on the land in the occupation of a Mr Birch.

Wilson alleged that when Wells saw him coming, he put the gun and the rabbit in the hedgerow with a view to concealing both.

Wilson alleged that Wells “went for him” and Wilson said that both of them rolled into the hedge amongst the briars.

Wells, however, alleged that Wilson tackled him while he was protecting the gun and the rabbit, which he had handed to Plowright as the gun was loaded and at cock.

Dr Galletly gave evidence for the defence that Wells was badly bruised and one finger had a half-inch cut in it and he also had a black eye.

Wells alleged that these injuries had been caused by Wilson and were the grounds for the cross-summons.

For the defence, it was alleged that Wilson fetched the rabbit from Wells’ house, where it had been taken by the latter’s daughter.

The Bench retired to consider the case and on their return the chairman said that both cases would be dismissed and that the magistrate wished to caution the gamekeeper and considered that he should be more discreet in the carrying out of his duties.


The top places amongst the girls and also boys in the Holland County Council Intermediate Scholarships were secured by students at Spalding Grammar School.

Miss G A Thornton, who headed the girls’ list, was the daughter of schoolmaster Mr H Thornton, of Clare, Suffolk.

Miss Thornton was a boarder at the grammar school for four years.

Albert Webster North, top of the boys, was the son of Mr J A North, schoolmaster, of Crowland.

He attended the Crowland Council School and wona free place to Spalding Grammar School.

Both students had passed the Cambridge Junior examination - Miss Thornton taking it a year early and achieving second-class honours.


John Carr, a farmer of Star Cross, Holbeach, was summoned for failing to notify that he had a pig suffering from swine fever.

Inspector Page made the initial investigation and found the pig suffering in the defendent’s hovel.


The King signed a proclamation changing the name of the Royal family to the House of Windsor.

The famiy name also became Windsor and all German styles, titles, diginities and honours wer relinquished.