Knitted chicks on sale in Spalding

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June Wright and her chums are knitting chicks for every high day and holiday they can think of, and more besides.

The chicks sold at the race night recently were wearing cute jockey caps and there have been Easter, Halloween and Christmas chicks.

The ladies are now busy knitting in blue and violet – blue for Prostate Cancer UK and violet for Pancreatic Cancer UK – which are sold at Spalding Golf Club, Andrew & Co (Spalding) Ltd, a teashop in the Deepings as well as Sue Ryder charity shops.

June is also mulling over ideas for more fundraisers locally and an Easter egg hunt in Ayscoughfee Gardens in Spalding is on the cards.

And, in their spare time, June and Don put on teas once a month for around 50 people at the seniors’ club she and David once ran together.