Kirton Holme farmer in positive mood

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Let’s hope we have got away with winter, and not too many sharp frosts. I know our energy bills are lower this time: electric, gas and oil, writes Roger Welberry.

I saw my first snowdrops out at the end of January, also daffodils really early. What a lovely sight; the spring to look forward to, everything starting afresh.

Looking out of our window this morning in mid-March I had to smile at the sparrows, both hen and cock, tugging and collecting bits of twig, dry weeds, grass, leaves, back and forwards to their nest site. It was good to see a pair of starlings doing likewise; their population has plummeted terribly.

The early spring and mild winter has not helped the cauliflower trade. There has been a surplus, with Cornish, Kent and Lincolnshire maturing together. Some Lincolnshire growers have said it’s not worth cutting, leave in the field. You would have thought with Spain having disastrous weather and a shortage of produce coming over here it would have helped the British produce sell better, and better prices, but not so.

Not to get too political, but Brexit since we have voted to leave the Pound has dropped. Listening to wider agricultural industries, UK vegetable machinery manufacturers have never been so busy, with demand not only within the UK, but abroad. Likewise secondhand farm machinery: good export trade.

The corn price has improved due to exports, and even in the nursery sector there is demand for more homegrown bedding plants and potted herbs. In general it could be good for our own home-based industries.

Have a lovely spring and look forward to a good year.