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Put spare time and skills into a time bank and benefit from other people’s skills.

SHARE Time Bank

SHARE Time Bank (South Holland Actions Rewarding Everyone) is a new community scheme in Spalding and Holbeach.

For every hour that you invest helping someone via the Time Bank, you receive an hour’s ‘time credit’ that you can then use to receive help from another time bank member, not just with the person that you helped.

How does it work?

The Time Bank administrator ensures each individual’s ‘time credits’ are attributed to their account in the Time Bank.

People can then withdraw ‘time’ from their account when they would like help with something themselves.

If you don’t need all the credits you earn, you can save them up or give them back to the Time Bank, so that the participants most in need get all the help they require.

Why should I get

Get to know your neighbourhood: Friendly exchanges between community members can create new friends and stronger and safer communities.

This is the opportunity to get the tasks you struggle with, or just don’t like doing, completed. Everyone has chores, some you may prefer more than others, and everyone has different preferences.

This is the opportunity to do the jobs that you like doing and to ask someone else to do the chores you like least.

What help do you need and how can you help others?

Not everyone realises the skills they have and a few suggestions for tasks you could do could be: bicycle maintenance, knitting a jumper, moving some heavy pieces of furniture, ironing, simple DIY, hairdressing and companionship.

everyone’s time is of equal value

An hour spent helping to set up a website is worth exactly the same as walking a dog, baking a cake or helping someone fill in a form.

Who can join the Time Bank?

Anyone: age, ability, lack of finance or limited mobility are not barriers to
participating in the time bank.

Businesses, organisations and community groups are also welcome to become members.

Volunteers are also required to help to promote and raise funds for the Time Bank and to encourage and support members through social media.

If you are interested
in learning more about SHARE Time Bank or if
you would like to find out
more about over 200 volunteering
opportunities available in South Holland, please
contact Lincolnshire
Community and Voluntary Service on 01205 510888
(option 3 for Spalding office) or email